Friday, August 31, 2012

1111.3998 (Micah D. Schuster et al.)

Many-body approximations for atomic binding energies    [PDF]

Micah D. Schuster, Calvin W. Johnson, Joshua T. Staker

1208.6103 (James J. Shepherd et al.)

Correlation Energy Divergences in Metallic Systems    [PDF]

James J. Shepherd, Andreas Grüneis

1208.6185 (Muhammad Asjad et al.)

Engineering entanglement mechanically    [PDF]

Muhammad Asjad, Farhan Saif

1208.6194 (Mark Edwards et al.)

Approximate mean-field equations of motion for quasi-2D Bose-Einstein
condensate systems

Mark Edwards, Michael Krygier, Hadayat Seddiqi, Brandon Benton, Charles W. Clark

1208.6227 (R. Kishor Kumar et al.)

Vortex dynamics of rotating dipolar Bose-Einstein condensates    [PDF]

R. Kishor Kumar, P. Muruganandam

1208.6266 (Tigran A. Sedrakyan et al.)

Composite fermion state of spin-orbit coupled bosons    [PDF]

Tigran A. Sedrakyan, Alex Kamenev, Leonid I. Glazman

1208.6277 (Olivier Juillet et al.)

Exotic spin, charge and pairing correlations of the two-dimensional
doped Hubbard model: a symmetry entangled mean-field approach

Olivier Juillet, Raymond Frésard

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

1208.5550 (Jie Lin et al.)

Thermalization of acoustic excitations in a strongly interacting
one-dimensional quantum liquid

Jie Lin, K. A. Matveev, M. Pustilnik

1208.5591 (Shu-Wei Song et al.)

Relative separation between different components and the corresponding
hidden spin textures in the spin-orbit coupled spin-1 Bose-Einstein

Shu-Wei Song, Yi-Cai Zhang, Lin Wen, Hanquan Wang, Qing Sun, A. C. Ji, W. M. Liu

1208.5618 (G. Eriksson et al.)

Vortices in fermion droplets with repulsive dipole-dipole interactions    [PDF]

G. Eriksson, J. C. Cremon, M. Manninen, S. M. Reimann

1208.5640 (Chao Gao et al.)

Breathing mode of two-dimensional atomic Fermi gases in harmonic traps    [PDF]

Chao Gao, Zhenhua Yu

1208.5650 (Shumpei Masuda)

Acceleration of adiabatic transport of interacting particles and rapid
manipulations of dilute Bose gas in ground state

Shumpei Masuda

Monday, August 27, 2012

1208.4852 (Chien-Hung Lin et al.)

Quantum Dynamics of Disordered Bosons in an Optical Lattice    [PDF]

Chien-Hung Lin, Rajdeep Sensarma, K. Sengupta, S. Das Sarma

1208.4883 (Shintaro Taie et al.)

An SU(N) Mott insulator of an atomic Fermi gas realized by large-spin
Pomeranchuk cooling

Shintaro Taie, Rekishu Yamazaki, Seiji Sugawa, Yoshiro Takahashi

1208.4886 (Hiroki Saito et al.)

Order-disorder oscillations in exciton-polariton superfluids    [PDF]

Hiroki Saito, Tomohiko Aioi, Tsuyoshi Kadokura

1208.4888 (Ajanta Bhowal Acharyya et al.)

Bose - Einstein condensation in arbitrary dimensions    [PDF]

Ajanta Bhowal Acharyya, Muktish Acharyya

1208.4931 (Tomasz Swislocki et al.)

Double universality of a quantum phase transition in spinor condensates:
the Kibble-Żurek mechanism and a conservation law

Tomasz Swislocki, Emilia Witkowska, Jacek Dziarmaga, Michal Matuszewski

1208.4941 (Long Zhang et al.)

Stability of Excited Dressed States with Spin-Orbit Coupling    [PDF]

Long Zhang, Jin-Yi Zhang, Si-Cong Ji, Zhi-Dong Du, Hui Zhai, Youjin Deng, Shuai Chen, Peng Zhang, Jian-Wei Pan

1208.4984 (Bettina Gertjerenken et al.)

Nonlocal quantum superpositions of bright matter-wave solitons and

Bettina Gertjerenken, Christoph Weiss

1208.5014 (Tao Zhou et al.)

Revealing Majorana Fermion states in a superfluid of cold atoms subject
to a harmonic potential

Tao Zhou, Z. D. Wang

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

1208.3838 (Roger R. Sakhel et al.)

Energy and condensate dynamics of a Bose-Einstein condensate excited by
a moving red laser potential inside a power law trap cutoff by box potential
hard walls

Roger R. Sakhel, Asaad R. Sakhel

1208.3902 (J. K. Freericks et al.)

Spectral moment sum rules for the retarded Green's function and
self-energy of the inhomogeneous Bose-Hubbard model in equilibrium and

J. K. Freericks, V. Turkowski, H. R. Krishnamurthy, M. Knap

1208.3912 (Pascal Naidon et al.)

Physical Origin of the Universal Three-body Parameter in Atomic Efimov

Pascal Naidon, Shimpei Endo, Masahito Ueda

1208.4020 (J. Heinze et al.)

Intrinsic Photoconductivity of Ultracold Fermions in Optical Lattices    [PDF]

J. Heinze, J. S. Krauser, N. Fläschner, B. Hundt, S. Götze, K. Sengstock, C. Becker

1208.4056 (M. Pino et al.)

Capturing the re-entrant behaviour of one-dimensional Bose-Hubbard model    [PDF]

M. Pino, J. Prior, S. R. Clark

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

1201.1932 (Marek M. Rams et al.)

A quantum phase transition in a quantum external field: Superposing two
magnetic phases

Marek M. Rams, Michael Zwolak, Bogdan Damski

1208.2723 (Ayan Das et al.)

Polariton Bose-Einstein condensate at room temperature in a Al(Ga)N
nanowire-dielectric microcavity with a spatial potential trap

Ayan Das, Pallab Bhattacharya, Junseok Heo, Animesh Banerjee, Wei Guo

1208.2907 (D. Blume)

Universal four-body states in heavy-light mixtures with positive
scattering length

D. Blume

1208.2911 (Michael Hoening et al.)

Steady-state crystallization of Rydberg excitations in an optically
driven lattice gas

Michael Hoening, Dominik Muth, David Petrosyan, Michael Fleischhauer

1208.2923 (Jonas Larson et al.)

Chaos-driven dynamics in spin-orbit coupled atomic gases    [PDF]

Jonas Larson, Brandon Anderson, Alexander Altland

1208.2941 (Bettina Gertjerenken et al.)

Scattering bright solitons: quantum vs. mean-field behavior    [PDF]

Bettina Gertjerenken, Thomas P. Billam, Lev Khaykovich, Christoph Weiss

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

1108.5207 (Daniel Podolsky et al.)

Visibility of the Amplitude (Higgs) Mode in Condensed Matter    [PDF]

Daniel Podolsky, Assa Auerbach, Daniel P. Arovas

1201.2138 (Daisuke A. Takahashi)

Soliton-phonon scattering problem in 1D nonlinear Schrödinger systems
with general nonlinearity

Daisuke A. Takahashi

1208.2308 (Gang Shen)

Response function of strongly interacting Fermi gas in a virial

Gang Shen

1208.2349 (G. Mazzarella et al.)

Finite temperature effects in two-mode bosonic Josephson junctions    [PDF]

G. Mazzarella, L. Salasnich, F. Toigo

1208.2371 (Carlos Trallero-Giner et al.)

One-dimension cubic-quintic Gross-Pitaevskii equation in Bose-Einstein
condensates in a trap potential

Carlos Trallero-Giner, Rolci Cipolatti

1208.2514 (L. Wen et al.)

Ground state of spin-1 Bose-Einstein condensates with spin-orbit
coupling in a Zeeman field

L. Wen, Q. Sun, H. Q. Wang, A. C. Ji, W. M. Liu

1208.2607 (Aviv Keshet et al.)

A Distributed GUI-based Computer Control System for Atomic Physics

Aviv Keshet, Wolfgang Ketterle

1208.2664 (Xinyu Luo et al.)

Impact of photo-assisted collisions on superradiant light scattering
with Bose condensates

Xinyu Luo, Kuiyi Gao, L. Deng, E. W. Hagley, Ruquan Wang

Monday, August 13, 2012

1206.4171 (Jens D. Baltrusch et al.)

Quantum quenches of ion Coulomb crystals across structural instabilities    [PDF]

Jens D. Baltrusch, Cecilia Cormick, Giovanna Morigi

1208.2198 (Ryan M. Wilson et al.)

Roton immiscibility in a two-component dipolar Bose gas    [PDF]

Ryan M. Wilson, Christopher Ticknor, John L. Bohn, Eddy Timmermans

1208.1861 (P. Hauke et al.)

Quantum control of spin-correlations in ultracold lattice gases    [PDF]

P. Hauke, R. J. Sewell, M. W. Mitchell, M. Lewenstein

1208.2029 (Zhen Zheng et al.)

Route to Observable Fulde-Ferrell-Larkin-Ovchinnikov Phases in 3D
Spin-Orbit Coupled Degenerate Fermi Gases

Zhen Zheng, Ming Gong, Xubo Zou, Chuanwei Zhang, Guangcan Guo

1208.2067 (Yoav Sagi et al.)

Measurement of the Homogeneous Contact of a Unitary Fermi gas    [PDF]

Yoav Sagi, Tara E. Drake, Rabin Paudel, Deborah S. Jin

1208.2123 (Želimir Marojević et al.)

Energy eigenfunctions of the 1D Gross-Pitaevskii equation    [PDF]

Želimir Marojević, Ertan Göklü, Claus Lämmerzahl

1208.2147 (Andrej Junginger et al.)

Symmetry-breaking thermally induced collapse of dipolar Bose-Einstein

Andrej Junginger, Jörg Main, Günter Wunner, Thomas Bartsch

1208.2206 (D. Rubeni et al.)

Two interacting fermions in a 1D harmonic trap: matching the Bethe
ansatz and variational approaches

D. Rubeni, A. Foerster, I. Roditi

1208.2211 (Xiaoling Cui et al.)

Phase Separation in Mixtures of Repulsive Fermi Gases Driven by Mass

Xiaoling Cui, Tin-Lun Ho

1208.2255 (Clemens Neuenhahn et al.)

Quantum simulation of expanding space-time with tunnel-coupled

Clemens Neuenhahn, Florian Marquardt

Thursday, August 9, 2012

1110.6328 (M. Takahashi et al.)

Multifractals Competing with Solitons on Fibonacci Optical Lattice    [PDF]

M. Takahashi, H. Katsura, M. Kohmoto, T. Koma

1112.6177 (Philippe Briet et al.)

A rigorous approach to the magnetic response in disordered systems    [PDF]

Philippe Briet, Baptiste Savoie

1208.1580 (Jihong Qin et al.)

Magnetic properties of charged spin-1 Bose gases with ferromagnetic

Jihong Qin, Xiaoling Jian, Qiang Gu

1208.1637 (L. Dell'Anna et al.)

Effects of Rashba and Dresselhaus spin-orbit couplings on singlet and
triplet condensation with Fermi atoms

L. Dell'Anna, G. Mazzarella, L. Salasnich

1208.1653 (Yurii Slyusarenko et al.)

On the mechanism of collisionless damping of sound in dilute Bose gas
with condensate

Yurii Slyusarenko, Oleksandr Kriuchkov

1208.1659 (Patrick P. Hofer et al.)

Superfluid drag of two-species Bose-Einstein condensates in optical

Patrick P. Hofer, C. Bruder, Vladimir M. Stojanovic

1208.1734 (S. K. Bogner et al.)

High-momentum tails from low-momentum effective theories    [PDF]

S. K. Bogner, D. Roscher

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

1208.1300 (Zhaochuan Shen et al.)

Reentrant BCS-BEC crossover and a superfluid-insulator transition in
optical lattices

Zhaochuan Shen, L. Radzihovsky, V. Gurarie

1208.1313 (Lyndon Koens et al.)

Vibrations of a Columnar Vortex in a Trapped Bose-Einstein Condensate    [PDF]

Lyndon Koens, Tapio P. Simula, Andrew M. Martin

1208.1332 (Yin Zhong et al.)

Half-filled Kondo lattice on the honeycomb lattice    [PDF]

Yin Zhong, Ke Liu, Yu-Feng Wang, Yong-Qiang Wang, Hong-Gang Luo

1208.1455 (Jibiao Wang et al.)

Phase diagrams of Fermi gases in a trap with mass and population
imbalances at finite temperature

Jibiao Wang, Hao Guo, Qijin Chen

1208.1456 (M. S. Safronova et al.)

Ytterbium in quantum gases and atomic clocks: van der Waals interactions
and blackbody shifts

M. S. Safronova, S. G. Porsev, Charles W. Clark

1208.1489 (Emil Lundh)

Vortex dynamics and skyrmions in four to six dimensions: Coherence
vortices in Bose-Einstein condensates

Emil Lundh

1208.1498 (Yongyao Li et al.)

Nonlinear modes and symmetry breaking in rotating double-well potentials    [PDF]

Yongyao Li, Wei Pang, Boris A. Malomed

Friday, August 3, 2012

1112.5662 (Michael Knap et al.)

Clustered Wigner crystal phases of cold polar molecules in arrays of
one-dimensional tubes

Michael Knap, Erez Berg, Martin Ganahl, Eugene Demler

1201.4658 (Julian Schmitt et al.)

Thermalization of a two-dimensional photon gas in a polymeric host

Julian Schmitt, Tobias Damm, Frank Vewinger, Martin Weitz, Jan Klaers

1208.0118 (H. H. Jen et al.)

Electromagnetic induced transparency and slow light in interacting
quantum degenerate atomic gases

H. H. Jen, Xiong Bo, Ite A. Yu, Daw-Wei Wang

1208.0123 (Martin Stein et al.)

Phase diagram of dilute nuclear matter: Unconventional pairing and the
BCS-BEC crossover

Martin Stein, Xu-Guang Huang, Armen Sedrakian, John W. Clark

1208.0165 (D. Baillie et al.)

A local exchange theory for trapped dipolar gases    [PDF]

D. Baillie, P. B. Blakie

1208.0170 (Jia-Wei Huo et al.)

Dipolar Dynamics for Interacting Ultracold Fermions in a Trapped Optical

Jia-Wei Huo, Weiqiang Chen, U. Schollwöck, M. Troyer, Fu-Chun Zhang

1208.0173 (Biswajit Das et al.)

Quantum phase fluctuations of a pair of interacting bosons or fermions
in a symmetric double-well

Biswajit Das, Bitan Ghosal, Subhasish Dutta Gupta, Bimalendu Deb

1208.0217 (Arnab Das et al.)

Switching the Anomalous DC Response of an AC-driven Quantum Many-body

Arnab Das, R. Moessner

1208.0313 (Priyam Das Changsuk Noh Dimitris G Angelakis)

Realizing the driven nonlinear Schrödinger equation with stationary

Priyam Das Changsuk Noh Dimitris G Angelakis

1208.0381 (Shohei Watabe et al.)

Excitation Transport through a Domain Wall in a Bose-Einstein Condensate    [PDF]

Shohei Watabe, Yusuke Kato, Yoji Ohashi

1208.0390 (Alejandro Ayala et al.)

Magnetic catalysis of a charged Bose-Einstein condensate    [PDF]

Alejandro Ayala, M. Loewe, Juan Cristobal Rojas, C. Villavicencio

1208.0422 (Makoto Tsubota et al.)

Quantum hydrodynamics    [PDF]

Makoto Tsubota, Michikazu Kobayashi, Hiromitsu Takeuchi

1208.0450 (T. Shi et al.)

Ultra-cold Fermi gases with resonant dipole-dipole interaction    [PDF]

T. Shi, S. -H. Zou, H. Hu, C. -P. Sun, S. Yi

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

1001.2072 (Yuki Kawaguchi et al.)

Spinor Bose-Einstein condensates    [PDF]

Yuki Kawaguchi, Masahito Ueda

1111.6961 (Yusuke Nishida)

Impossibility of the Efimov effect for p-wave interactions    [PDF]

Yusuke Nishida

1112.0899 (T. Hennessy et al.)

Creating atom-number states around tapered optical fibres by loading
from an optical lattice

T. Hennessy, Th. Busch

1207.7021 (Barry Bradlyn et al.)

Kubo formulas for viscosity: Hall viscosity, Ward identities, and the
relation with conductivity

Barry Bradlyn, Moshe Goldstein, N. Read

1207.7131 (Christoph Weiss et al.)

Elastic scattering of a quantum matter-wave bright soliton on a barrier    [PDF]

Christoph Weiss, Yvan Castin

1207.7272 (Dimitris G. Angelakis et al.)

Mimicking interacting relativistic theories with stationary pulses of

Dimitris G. Angelakis, MingXia Huo, Darrick Chang, Leong Chuan Kwek, Vladimir Korepin