Thursday, May 23, 2013

1305.5015 (Junjun Xu et al.)

Radio frequency spectrum of fermions near a narrow Feshbach resonance    [PDF]

Junjun Xu, Qiang Gu, Erich J. Mueller

1305.5097 (Andras Suto et al.)

Condensation of quasiparticles and density modulation beyond the
superfluid critical velocity

Andras Suto, Peter Szepfalusy

1305.5135 (Gerhard Bräunlich et al.)

Translation-invariant quasi-free states for fermionic systems and the
BCS approximation

Gerhard Bräunlich, Christian Hainzl, Robert Seiringer

1305.5141 (Tobias Graß et al.)

Quantum chaos in SU_3 models with trapped ion chains    [PDF]

Tobias Graß, Bruno Julia-Diaz, Maciej Lewenstein

1305.5192 (M. Männel et al.)

Coexistence of phase transitions and hysteresis near BEC    [PDF]

M. Männel, K. Morawetz, P. Lipavský

1305.5221 (Luca Lepori et al.)

Fractional Vortices with Non-Abelian Modes in Ultracold Color-flavor
Locked Phases

Luca Lepori, Andrea Trombettoni, Walter Vinci