Tuesday, April 30, 2013

1304.7279 (Ehsan Khatami et al.)

Fluctuation-Dissipation Theorem in Isolated Quantum Dipolar Bosons After
a Quench

Ehsan Khatami, Guido Pupillo, Mark Srednicki, Marcos Rigol

1304.7302 (Tao Yang et al.)

Bogoliubov excitation spectrum of an elongated condensate from
quasi-one-dimensional to three-dimensional transition

Tao Yang, Andrew J. Henning, Keith A. Benedict

1304.7348 (L. M. Rico-Gutierrez et al.)

Engineering entanglement for metrology with rotating matter waves    [PDF]

L. M. Rico-Gutierrez, T. P. Spiller, J. A. Dunningham

1304.7553 (Ying-Hai Wu et al.)

Quantum Hall Effect of Two-Component Bosons at Fractional and Integral

Ying-Hai Wu, Jainendra K. Jain

1304.7565 (K. W. Mahmud et al.)

Dynamics of spin-1 bosons in an optical lattice: spin mixing, quantum
phase revival spectroscopy and effective three-body interactions

K. W. Mahmud, E. Tiesinga

1304.7567 (Daisuke A. Takahashi)

An Integrable Model for Density-Modulated Quantum Condensates    [PDF]

Daisuke A. Takahashi

1304.7611 (Dong Wang et al.)

Generalized Hofstadter Model: Band Topology Transitions and Fractional
Quantum Hall States

Dong Wang, Zhao Liu, Junpeng Cao, Heng Fan

1304.7619 (T. J. Alexander et al.)

Going beyond the double well: complex mode dynamics of effective coupled
oscillators in infinite dimensional systems

T. J. Alexander, D. Yan, P. G. Kevrekidis

1304.7636 (Juan Pablo Álvarez Zúñiga et al.)

Bose glass transition and spin-wave localization for 2D bosons in a
random potential

Juan Pablo Álvarez Zúñiga, Nicolas Laflorencie

1304.7704 (A. A. Blinova et al.)

Single impurities in a Bose-Einstein condensate can make two polaron

A. A. Blinova, M. G. Boshier, Eddy Timmermans

1304.7725 (Philipp Hauke et al.)

Spread of correlations in long-range interacting systems    [PDF]

Philipp Hauke, Luca Tagliacozzo

1304.7731 (Raina J. Olsen)

High temperature Bose-Einstein condensation into an excited state at

Raina J. Olsen