Tuesday, April 30, 2013

1304.7619 (T. J. Alexander et al.)

Going beyond the double well: complex mode dynamics of effective coupled
oscillators in infinite dimensional systems

T. J. Alexander, D. Yan, P. G. Kevrekidis
In this work we explore how nonlinear modes described by a dispersive wave equation (in our example, the nonlinear Schrodinger equation) and localized in a few wells of a periodic potential can act analogously to a chain of coupled mechanical oscillators. We identify the small-amplitude oscillation modes of these `coupled wave oscillators' and find that they can be extended into the large amplitude regime, where some can `ring' for long times. We also identify prototypical case examples of more complex dynamical behaviour that can arise in such systems beyond the double well paradigm, including the breakdown of Josephson-like oscillations and of internal modes more generally, the transfer of energy out of/destabilization of fundamental oscillation modes and the emergence of chaotic oscillations for large amplitude excitations. We provide details of the phase perturbations required for experimental observations of such dynamics, and show that the oscillator formalism can be extended to predict large amplitude excitations in genuinely two-dimensional configurations.
View original: http://arxiv.org/abs/1304.7619

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