Tuesday, June 19, 2012

1104.2314 (Marie Piraud et al.)

Anderson localization of matter waves in tailored disordered potentials    [PDF]

Marie Piraud, Alain Aspect, Laurent Sanchez-Palencia

1112.4324 (D. A. Zezyulin et al.)

Macroscopic Zeno effect and stationary flows in nonlinear waveguides
with localized dissipation

D. A. Zezyulin, V. V. Konotop, G. Barontini, H. Ott

1206.3670 (Takahiro Ohgoe et al.)

Ground-State Phase Diagram of the Two-Dimensional Extended Bose-Hubbard

Takahiro Ohgoe, Takafumi Suzuki, Naoki Kawashima

1206.3687 (Pierrick Cheiney et al.)

Matter wave scattering on an amplitude-modulated optical lattice    [PDF]

Pierrick Cheiney, Charlotte Fabre, Fran├žois Vermersch, Giovanni Luca Gattobigio, Renaud Mathevet, Thierry Lahaye, David Guery-Odelin

1206.3863 (Ryan Requist)

Hamiltonian formulation of nonequilibrium quantum dynamics: geometric
structure of the BBGKY hierarchy

Ryan Requist

1206.3864 (Beibing Huang et al.)

Topological superfluid of spinless Fermi gases in p-band honeycomb
optical lattices with on-site rotation

Beibing Huang, xiaoseng yang, shaolong wan

1206.3904 (N. Matveeva et al.)

Liquid and crystal phase of dipolar fermions in two dimensions    [PDF]

N. Matveeva, S. Giorgini

1206.3984 (Sebastiano Peotta et al.)

Quantum Breathing of an Impurity in a One-dimensional Bath of
Interacting Bosons

Sebastiano Peotta, Davide Rossini, Marco Polini, Francesco Minardi, Rosario Fazio