Tuesday, February 7, 2012

1106.1256 (Tanja Rindler-Daller et al.)

Angular Momentum and Vortex Formation in Bose-Einstein-Condensed Cold
Dark Matter Haloes

Tanja Rindler-Daller, Paul R. Shapiro

1109.1589 (O. Fialko et al.)

Isolated quantum heat engine    [PDF]

O. Fialko, D. Hallwood

1109.6024 (V. Gritsev et al.)

Dynamical Quantum Hall Effect in the Parameter Space    [PDF]

V. Gritsev, A. Polkovnikov

1110.2183 (Dmitry Borzov et al.)

Nature of 3D Bose Gases near Resonance    [PDF]

Dmitry Borzov, Mohammad S. Mashayekhi, Shizhong Zhang, Jun-Liang Song, Fei Zhou

1110.4498 (S. Ejima et al.)

Dynamic density-density correlations in interacting Bose gases on
optical lattices

S. Ejima, H. Fehske, F. Gebhard

1111.0776 (Marc Cheneau et al.)

Light-cone-like spreading of correlations in a quantum many-body system    [PDF]

Marc Cheneau, Peter Barmettler, Dario Poletti, Manuel Endres, Peter Schauß, Takeshi Fukuhara, Christian Gross, Immanuel Bloch, Corinna Kollath, Stefan Kuhr

1111.3611 (Massimo Rontani)

Tunneling theory of two interacting atoms in a trap    [PDF]

Massimo Rontani

1111.3656 (Xavier Bekaert et al.)

Symmetries and currents of the ideal and unitary Fermi gases    [PDF]

Xavier Bekaert, Elisa Meunier, Sergej Moroz

1201.0980 (Massimo Boninsegni)

Supersolid phases of cold atom assemblies    [PDF]

Massimo Boninsegni

1202.0955 (V. S. Shchesnovich)

State diagram and the phase transition of $p$-bosons in a square
bi-partite optical lattice

V. S. Shchesnovich

1202.0956 (V. S. Shchesnovich)

Vortex-like superfluid of Bose-Einstein condensate in the honeycomb
optical lattice with a sublattice of dissipative sites

V. S. Shchesnovich

1202.1079 (Jimena Royo-Letelier)

Segregation and symmetry breaking of strongly coupled two-component
Bose-Einstein condensates in a harmonic trap

Jimena Royo-Letelier

1202.1199 (T. Schuster et al.)

Feshbach spectroscopy and scattering properties of ultracold Li+Na

T. Schuster, R. Scelle, A. Trautmann, S. Knoop, M. K. Oberthaler, M. M. Haverhals, M. R. Goosen, S. J. J. M. F. Kokkelmans, E. Tiemann

1202.1258 (Maryvonne Chalony et al.)

Long-range gravitational-like interaction in a neutral atomic cold gas    [PDF]

Maryvonne Chalony, J. Barre, B. Marcos, A. Olivetti, David Wilkowski

1202.1274 (Joe P. Chen)

Statistical mechanics of Bose gas in Sierpinski carpets    [PDF]

Joe P. Chen