Wednesday, February 22, 2012

1106.0828 (J. Catani et al.)

Quantum dynamics of impurities in a 1D Bose gas    [PDF]

J. Catani, G. Lamporesi, D. Naik, M. Gring, M. Inguscio, F. Minardi, A. Kantian, T. Giamarchi

1110.6716 (S. Datta)

Visualizing Anderson Localization in 3d using Monte Carlo method    [PDF]

S. Datta

1112.1384 (Johannes Hofmann)

Quantum anomaly, universal relations, and breathing mode of a
two-dimensional Fermi gas

Johannes Hofmann

1112.3657 (Achilleas Lazarides et al.)

Strongly interacting one-dimensional bosons in arbitrary-strength
optical lattices: from Bose-Hubbard to sine-Gordon and beyond

Achilleas Lazarides, Masudul Haque

1202.4547 (Guojun Zhu et al.)

BEC-BCS Crossover with Feshbach Resonance for a Three-Hyperfine-Species

Guojun Zhu, Anthony J. Leggett

1202.4571 (T. S. Mysakovych)

Bose-Fermi-Hubbard model on a lattice with two nonequivalent sublattices    [PDF]

T. S. Mysakovych

1202.4697 (Zi-Xiang Hu et al.)

Comparison of the density-matrix renormalization group method applied to
fractional quantum Hall systems in different geometries

Zi-Xiang Hu, Z. Papic, S. Johri, R. N. Bhatt, Peter Schmitteckert