Monday, February 13, 2012

1104.2352 (J. Y. Lee et al.)

Thermodynamics, spin-charge separation and correlation functions of
spin-1/2 fermions with repulsive interaction

J. Y. Lee, X. W. Guan, K. Sakai, M. T. Batchelor

1106.2102 (J. R. Armstrong et al.)

Layers of Cold Dipolar Molecules in the Harmonic Approximation    [PDF]

J. R. Armstrong, N. T. Zinner, D. V. Fedorov, A. S. Jensen

1108.0270 (C. Ates et al.)

Thermalization of a strongly interacting closed spin system: From
coherent many-body dynamics to a Fokker-Planck equation

C. Ates, J. P. Garrahan, I. Lesanovsky

1109.4602 (A. G. Volosniev et al.)

Few-body bound state stability of dipolar molecules in two dimensions    [PDF]

A. G. Volosniev, D. V. Fedorov, A. S. Jensen, N. T. Zinner

1112.2846 (Anne-Louise Gadsbolle et al.)

Harmonically trapped dipolar fermions in a two-dimensional square

Anne-Louise Gadsbolle, G. M. Bruun

1202.2146 (K. Levin et al.)

The Fermi Gases and Superfluids: Short Review of Experiment and Theory
for Condensed Matter Physicists

K. Levin, Randall G. Hulet

1202.2182 (D. B. Tretyakov et al.)

Effect of photoions on the line shapes of the Förster resonance and
microwave transitions in cold rubidium Rydberg atoms

D. B. Tretyakov, I. I. Beterov, V. M. Entin, E. A. Yakshina, I. I. Ryabtsev, S. F. Dyubko, E. A. Alekseev, N. L. Pogrebnyak, N. N. Bezuglov, E. Arimondo

1202.2298 (P. Giannakeas et al.)

Analytical treatment of bosonic d-wave scattering in isotropic harmonic

P. Giannakeas, V. S. Melezhik, P. Schmelcher

1202.2306 (Michael Hintermüller et al.)

Optimal bilinear control of Gross-Pitaevskii equations    [PDF]

Michael Hintermüller, Daniel Marahrens, Peter A. Markowich, Christof Sparber