Thursday, May 10, 2012

1104.2512 (J. Pietraszewicz et al.)

Two component Bose-Hubbard model with higher angular momentum states    [PDF]

J. Pietraszewicz, T. Sowinski, M. Brewczyk, J. Zakrzewski, M. Lewenstein, M. Gajda

1112.4364 (Christian Trefzger et al.)

An impurity in a Fermi sea on a narrow Feshbach resonance: A variational
study of the polaronic and dimeronic branches

Christian Trefzger, Yvan Castin

1112.5040 (M. P. Strzys et al.)

An extension of Bogoliubov theory for a many-body system with a time
scale hierarchy: the quantum mechanics of second Josephson oscillations

M. P. Strzys, J. R. Anglin

1205.1806 (Liang He et al.)

Quantum phases of Bose-Bose mixtures on a triangular lattice    [PDF]

Liang He, Yongqiang Li, Ehud Altman, Walter Hofstetter

1205.1876 (Guangjiong Dongy et al.)

Cavity-meidated collisionless sympathetic cooling of molecules with

Guangjiong Dongy, Chang Wang, Weiping Zhang

1205.1888 (Dan M. Stamper-Kurn et al.)

Spinor Bose gases: Explorations of symmetries, magnetism and quantum

Dan M. Stamper-Kurn, Masahito Ueda

1205.1921 (A. Zenesini et al.)

Resonant Five-Body Recombination in an Ultracold Gas    [PDF]

A. Zenesini, B. Huang, M. Berninger, S. Besler, H. -C. Nägerl, F. Ferlaino, R. Grimm, Chris H. Greene, J. von Stecher

1205.1958 (Philipp Hauke)

Quantum disorder in the spatially completely anisotropic triangular
lattice II: frustrated hard-core bosons

Philipp Hauke

1205.1965 (Armen Sedrakian)

Spontaneous symmetry breaking in rotating condensates of ultracold atoms    [PDF]

Armen Sedrakian