Wednesday, July 3, 2013

1307.0002 (Sarang Gopalakrishnan et al.)

Quantum quasicrystals of spin-orbit coupled dipolar bosons    [PDF]

Sarang Gopalakrishnan, Ivar Martin, Eugene A. Demler

1307.0006 (Michael Knap et al.)

Probing real-space and time resolved correlation functions with
many-body Ramsey interferometry

Michael Knap, Adrian Kantian, Thierry Giamarchi, Immanuel Bloch, Mikhail D. Lukin, Eugene Demler

1307.0069 (Xuguang Yue et al.)

The observation of diffraction phases in matter wave scattering    [PDF]

Xuguang Yue, Yueyang Zhai, Zhongkai Wang, Hongwei Xiong, Xuzong Chen, Xiaoji Zhou

1307.0073 (Martin Heimsoth et al.)

Effective Josephson dynamics in resonantly driven Bose-Einstein

Martin Heimsoth, David Hochstuhl, Charles E. Creffield, Lincoln D. Carr, Fernando Sols

1307.0144 (M. A. Caracanhas et al.)

Tkachenko polarons in vortex lattices    [PDF]

M. A. Caracanhas, V. S. Bagnato, R. G. Pereira

1307.0205 (G. Bevilacqua et al.)

Implementation of STIRAP in degenerate systems by dimensionality

G. Bevilacqua, G. Schaller, T. Brandes, F. Renzoni

1307.0268 (Gordon D. McDonald et al.)

80hk Momentum Separation with Bloch Oscillations in an Optically Guided
Atom Interferometer

Gordon D. McDonald, Carlos C. N. Kuhn, Shayne Bennetts, John E. Debs, Kyle S. Hardman, John D. Close, Nicholas P. Robins

1307.0488 (Samuel Lellouch et al.)

Two-component Bose gases with one-body and two-body couplings    [PDF]

Samuel Lellouch, Tung-Lam Dao, Thomas Koffel, Laurent Sanchez-Palencia