Sunday, August 4, 2013

0912.5379 (Bo Xiong et al.)

Distortion of Interference Fringes and the Resulting Vortex Production
of Merging Bose-Einstein Condensates

Bo Xiong, Tao Yang, Keith A. Benedict

1308.0058 (Roger R. Sakhel et al.)

Momentum density and phase maps of a two-dimensional trapped
Bose-Einstein condensate excited by a red laser

Roger R. Sakhel, Asaad R. Sakhel, Humam B. Ghassib

1308.0205 (M. M. Valado et al.)

Rydberg tomography of an ultra-cold atomic cloud    [PDF]

M. M. Valado, N. Malossi, S. Scotto, D. Ciampini, E. Arimondo, O. Morsch

1308.0264 (H. Schempp et al.)

Full counting statistics of laser excited Rydberg aggregates in a
one-dimensional geometry

H. Schempp, G. Günter, M. Robert-de-Saint-Vincent, C. S. Hofmann, D. Breyel, A. Komnik, D. W. Schönleber, M. Gärttner, J. Evers, S. Whitlock, M. Weidemüller

1308.0280 (D. Neilson et al.)

Excitonic Superfluidity and Screening in Electron-Hole Bilayer Systems    [PDF]

D. Neilson, A. Perali, A. R. Hamilton

1308.0281 (Lih-King Lim et al.)

Mass and chirality inversion of a Dirac cone pair in Stückelberg

Lih-King Lim, Jean-Noël Fuchs, Gilles Montambaux

1308.0321 (M. Aidelsburger et al.)

Realization of the Hofstadter Hamiltonian with ultracold atoms in
optical lattices

M. Aidelsburger, M. Atala, M. Lohse, J. T. Barreiro, B. Paredes, I. Bloch