Tuesday, February 12, 2013

1302.2172 (Aurel Bulgac et al.)

Strength of the Vortex-Pinning Interaction from Real-Time Dynamics    [PDF]

Aurel Bulgac, Michael McNeil Forbes, Rishi Sharma

1302.2258 (Yan-Hua Hou et al.)

Scaling solutions of the two fluid hydrodynamic equations in a
harmonically trapped gas at unitarity

Yan-Hua Hou, Lev P. Pitaevskii, Sandro Stringari

1302.2396 (Alexandros Gezerlis et al.)

Unbalanced low-density neutron matter    [PDF]

Alexandros Gezerlis, Rishi Sharma

1302.2404 (Guillaume Roux et al.)

Bragg spectroscopy of clean and disordered lattice bosons in one
dimension: a spectral fingerprint of the Bose glass

Guillaume Roux, Anna Minguzzi, Tommaso Roscilde

1302.2410 (Aleksandra Maluckov et al.)

High- and low-frequency phonon modes in dipolar quantum gases trapped in
deep lattices

Aleksandra Maluckov, Goran Gligoric, Ljupco Hadzievski, Boris A. Malomed, Tilman Pfau

1302.2445 (Yong-Kai Liu et al.)

Half-knot in the spinor condensates    [PDF]

Yong-Kai Liu, Shi-Jie Yang