Tuesday, January 31, 2012

1105.5537 (P. A. Andreev et al.)

New bright-like soliton solution in quasi-one-dimensional BEC in third
order on interaction radius

P. A. Andreev, L. S. Kuzmenkov

1108.2987 (V. M. Bastidas et al.)

Nonequilibrium Quantum Phase Transitions in the Dicke Model    [PDF]

V. M. Bastidas, C. Emary, B. Regler, T. Brandes

1109.4782 (Tomasz Sowiński et al.)

Dipolar molecules in optical lattices revisited    [PDF]

Tomasz Sowiński, Omjyoti Dutta, Philipp Hauke, Luca Tagliacozzo, Maciej Lewenstein

1111.3229 (Philippe Mounaix et al.)

Bose-Einstein Condensation of a Gaussian Random Field in the
Thermodynamic Limit

Philippe Mounaix, Satya N. Majumdar, Abhimanyu Banerjee

1112.3890 (Haruki Watanabe et al.)

Spontaneous breaking of continuous translational invariance    [PDF]

Haruki Watanabe, Tomáš Brauner

1112.4199 (Julien Armijo)

Direct observation of quantum phonon fluctuations in a one dimensional
Bose gas

Julien Armijo

1201.1958 (Weiran Li et al.)

Bose Gases Near Unitarity    [PDF]

Weiran Li, Tin-Lun Ho

1201.4784 (Sebastiano Saccani et al.)

Excitation spectrum of a supersolid    [PDF]

Sebastiano Saccani, Saverio Moroni, Massimo Boninsegni

1201.6014 (Shina Tan)

Universal Bound States of Two Particles in Mixed Dimensions or Near a

Shina Tan

1201.6018 (Shuai Chen et al.)

Revealing Unconventional Properties of a Spin-Orbit Coupled
Bose-Einstein Condensate from Collective Dipole Oscillation

Shuai Chen, Jin-Yi Zhang, Si-Cong Ji, Zhu Chen, Long Zhang, Zhi-Dong Du, Youjin Deng, Hui Zhai, Jian-Wei Pan

1201.6019 (Zhao Liang Wang et al.)

Relations Among Some Ground-state properties of a Bose Gas in Periodic

Zhao Liang Wang, An Min Wang, Xue Chao Li, Yang Yang

1201.6060 (Christian Nietner et al.)

Ginzburg-Landau Theory for the Jaynes-Cummings-Hubbard Model    [PDF]

Christian Nietner, Axel Pelster

1201.6106 (C. J. Bradly et al.)

Coherent tunneling via adiabatic passage in a three-well Bose-Hubbard

C. J. Bradly, M. Rab, A. D. Greentree, A. M. Martin

1201.6167 (Matthias Rosenkranz et al.)

Scattering and bound states in two-dimensional anisotropic potentials    [PDF]

Matthias Rosenkranz, Weizhu Bao

1201.6176 (Matthias Rosenkranz et al.)

Effective dipole-dipole interactions in multilayered dipolar
Bose-Einstein condensates

Matthias Rosenkranz, Yongyong Cai, Weizhu Bao

1201.6235 (Olga Goulko et al.)

Boltzmann equation simulation for a trapped Fermi gas of atoms    [PDF]

Olga Goulko, Frédéric Chevy, Carlos Lobo

1201.6261 (V. S. Babichenko et al.)

Influence of Cooper pairing on the inelastic processes in a gas of Fermi

V. S. Babichenko, Yu. Kagan

1201.6286 (N. Lörch et al.)

Wave Function Renormalization Effects in Resonantly Enhanced Tunneling    [PDF]

N. Lörch, F. V. Pepe, H. Lignier, D. Ciampini, R. Mannella, O. Morsch, E. Arimondo, P. Facchi, G. Florio, S. Pascazio, S. Wimberger