Thursday, October 18, 2012

1204.5735 (M. Ohliger et al.)

Efficient and feasible state tomography of quantum many-body systems    [PDF]

M. Ohliger, V. Nesme, J. Eisert

1210.4554 (Matthew Killi et al.)

Sudden quantum quenches in the presence of frustration or background
synthetic gauge fields: Probing equilibrium currents of ultracold atoms in an
optical lattice

Matthew Killi, Stefan Trotzky, Arun Paramekanti

1210.4687 (T. Hakioğlu et al.)

Prediction of Measureable Casimir-like Force and Free Energy Signatures
of Exciton Condensates in DQWs

T. Hakioğlu, Ege Özgün, Mehmet Günay

1210.4772 (J. Chwedenczuk et al.)

A Multi-path Interferometer with Ultracold Atoms Trapped in an Optical

J. Chwedenczuk, F. Piazza, A. Smerzi

1210.4834 (Scott Beattie et al.)

Persistent currents in spinor condensates    [PDF]

Scott Beattie, Stuart Moulder, Richard J. Fletcher, Zoran Hadzibabic