Monday, March 5, 2012

1010.2092 (Stefan Hunn et al.)

Inelastic chaotic scattering on a Bose-Einstein condensate    [PDF]

Stefan Hunn, Moritz Hiller, Andreas Buchleitner, Doron Cohen, Tsampikos Kottos

1109.3373 (Muhammad Ayub et al.)

Delicate and robust dynamical recurrences of matter waves in driven
optical crystals

Muhammad Ayub, Farhan Saif

1111.1694 (C. D. Hamley et al.)

Spin-Nematic Squeezed Vacuum in a Quantum Gas    [PDF]

C. D. Hamley, C. S. Gerving, T. M. Hoang, E. M. Bookjans, M. S. Chapman

1111.1952 (Zhongbo Yan et al.)

Topological Superfluid in one-dimensional Ultracold Atomic System with
Spin-Orbit Coupling

Zhongbo Yan, Xiaosen Yang, Shaolong Wan

1203.0010 (Mikhail Lemeshko et al.)

Non-adiabatic preparation of spin crystals with ultracold polar

Mikhail Lemeshko, Roman V. Krems, Hendrik Weimer

1203.0049 (Julian Struck et al.)

Tunable gauge potential for neutral and spinless particles in driven

Julian Struck, Christoph Ölschläger, Malte Weinberg, Philipp Hauke, Juliette Simonet, André Eckardt, Maciej Lewenstein, Klaus Sengstock, Patrick Windpassinger

1203.0121 (Ming-Chiang Chung et al.)

Thermalization in Systems with Bipartite Eigenmode Entanglement    [PDF]

Ming-Chiang Chung, Anibal Iucci, Miguel. A. Cazalilla

1203.0182 (T. F. Xu et al.)

Interplay between periodicity and nonlinearity of indirect excitons in
coupled quantum wells

T. F. Xu, X. L. Jing, H. G. Luo, W. C. Wu, C. S. Liu

1203.0351 (Anatoly Kuklov et al.)

Quantum phase transitions to superfluid state of chains in a polarized
gas of dipolar molecules

Anatoly Kuklov, Alexei Tsvelik

1203.0390 (Stefan Hunn et al.)

Matter-wave scattering on a BEC in a double-well potential    [PDF]

Stefan Hunn, Moritz Hiller, Tsampikos Kottos, Doron Cohen, Andreas Buchleitner

1203.0499 (D. Reitz et al.)

Nanofiber-Based Double-Helix Dipole Trap for Cold Neutral Atoms    [PDF]

D. Reitz, A. Rauschenbeutel

1203.0505 (Xiaolong Deng et al.)

Polar bosons in one-dimensional disordered optical lattices    [PDF]

Xiaolong Deng, Roberta Citro, Edmond Orignac, Anna Minguzzi, Luis Santos

1203.0552 (Igor B. Mekhov et al.)

REVIEW. Quantum optics with ultracold quantum gases: towards the full
quantum regime of the light-matter interaction

Igor B. Mekhov, Helmut Ritsch