Wednesday, September 19, 2012

1209.3830 (Sascha Hoinka et al.)

Precise determination of the structure factor and contact in a unitary
Fermi gas

Sascha Hoinka, Marcus Lingham, Kristian Fenech, Hui Hu, Chris J. Vale, JoaquĆ­n E. Drut, Stefano Gandolfi

1209.3839 (A. D. Martin et al.)

Stability and structure of an anisotropically trapped dipolar
Bose-Einstein condensate: angular and linear rotons

A. D. Martin, P. B. Blakie

1209.3863 (Mehrtash Babadi et al.)

Collective excitations of quasi-two-dimensional trapped dipolar
fermions: transition from collisionless to hydrodynamic regime

Mehrtash Babadi, Eugene Demler

1209.3942 (Charles Grenier et al.)

Probing thermoelectric effects with cold atoms    [PDF]

Charles Grenier, Corinna Kollath, Antoine Georges

1209.4018 (F. Alzetto et al.)

Atom-dimer scattering amplitude for fermionic mixtures with different
masses: s-wave and p-wave contributions

F. Alzetto, R. Combescot, X. Leyronas

1209.4046 (Robert Seiringer et al.)

Disordered Bose Einstein Condensates with Interaction    [PDF]

Robert Seiringer, Jakob Yngvason, Valentin A. Zagrebnov