Tuesday, September 25, 2012

1009.1073 (J. Ruostekoski et al.)

Truncated Wigner method for Bose gases    [PDF]

J. Ruostekoski, A. D. Martin

1209.4912 (Christian Langmack et al.)

Avalanche Mechanism for the Enhanced Loss of Ultracold Atoms    [PDF]

Christian Langmack, D. Hudson Smith, Eric Braaten

1209.4929 (Mohammad S. Mashayekhi et al.)

Two-dimensional Bose gases near resonance: universal three-body effects    [PDF]

Mohammad S. Mashayekhi, Jean-Sebastien Bernier, Dmitry Borzov, Jun-Liang Song, Fei Zhou

1209.5204 (René John Kerkdyk et al.)

Quantum dynamics and macroscopic quantum tunneling of two weakly coupled

René John Kerkdyk, S. Sinha

1209.5320 (Ricardo Puebla et al.)

Excited-state phase transition leading to symmetry-breaking steady
states in the Dicke model

Ricardo Puebla, Armando Relaño, Joaquín Retamosa

1209.5369 (D. W. Snoke et al.)

Dynamics of Phase Coherence Onset in Bose Condensates of Photons by
Incoherent Phonon Emission

D. W. Snoke, S. M. Girvin