Thursday, December 20, 2012

1212.4517 (Chih-Chun Chien et al.)

Quench Dynamics and Emergence of Phase Separation in Two-Component
Atomic Bose Gases at Zero and High Temperatures

Chih-Chun Chien, Fred Cooper

1212.4570 (Krzysztof Gawryluk et al.)

Mott-insulator phases at half-integer fillings in the imbalanced
honeycomb lattice

Krzysztof Gawryluk, Christian Miniatura, Benoît Grémaud

1212.4635 (G. D. McDonald et al.)

Optically guided linear Mach Zehnder atom interferometer    [PDF]

G. D. McDonald, H. Keal, P. A. Altin, J. E. Debs, S. Bennetts, C. C. N. Kuhn, K. S. Hardman, M. T. Johnsson, J. D. Close, N. P. Robins

1212.4637 (Dario Poletti et al.)

Emergence of glass-like dynamics for dissipative and strongly
interacting bosons

Dario Poletti, Peter Barmettler, Antoine Georges, Corinna Kollath

1212.4645 (David Adu Smith et al.)

Prethermalization Revealed by the Relaxation Dynamics of Full
Distribution Functions

David Adu Smith, Michael Gring, Tim Langen, Maximilian Kuhnert, Bernhard Rauer, Remi Geiger, Takuya Kitagawa, Igor Mazets, Eugene Demler, Jörg Schmiedmayer

1212.4655 (Sthitadhi Roy et al.)

Fidelity, Dynamics, Decoherence and Entropy in one dimensional hard-core
bosonic systems

Sthitadhi Roy, Tanay Nag, Amit Dutta

1212.4705 (David Snoke et al.)

Bose-Einstein Condensation of Excitons in Cu$_2$O: Progress Over Thirty

David Snoke, G. M. Kavoulakis

1212.4721 (Budhaditya Chatterjee et al.)

Ultracold dipolar few-boson ensembles in a triple well trap    [PDF]

Budhaditya Chatterjee, Ioannis Brouzos, Lushuai Cao, Peter Schmelcher

1212.4802 (Yariv Yanay et al.)

Saving the Coherent State Path Integral    [PDF]

Yariv Yanay, Erich J. Mueller

1212.4807 (Branko Nikolic et al.)

Dipolar Bose-Einstein Condensates in Weak Anisotropic Disorder    [PDF]

Branko Nikolic, Antun Balaz, Axel Pelster

1212.4824 (G. Barontini et al.)

Controlling the dynamics of an open many-body quantum system with
localized dissipation

G. Barontini, R. Labouvie, F. Stubenrauch, A. Vogler, V. Guarrera, H. Ott