Friday, November 9, 2012

1211.1700 (Lin Dong et al.)

Finite-Momentum Dimer Bound State in Spin-Orbit Coupled Fermi Gas    [PDF]

Lin Dong, Lei Jiang, Hui Hu, Han Pu

1211.1723 (Maksim Tomchenko)

Influence of boundaries on the bulk microstructure of an interacting
Bose gas. The Gross--Pitaevskii approach

Maksim Tomchenko

1211.1761 (J. R. M. de Nova et al.)

Violation of Cauchy-Schwarz inequalities by spontaneous Hawking
radiation in resonant boson structures

J. R. M. de Nova, F. Sols, I. Zapata

1211.1806 (M. Ogren et al.)

On the Dynamics of the Fermi-Bose Model    [PDF]

M. Ogren, M. Carlsson

1211.1822 (Paolo Facchi et al.)

Unearthing wave-function renormalization effects in the time evolution
of a Bose-Einstein condensate

Paolo Facchi, Saverio Pascazio, Francesco V. Pepe, Ennio Arimondo, Donatella Ciampini, Oliver Morsch

1211.1831 (Vijay B. Shenoy)

Flow enhanced pairing and other novel effects in Fermi gases in
synthetic gauge fields

Vijay B. Shenoy