Thursday, September 13, 2012

1112.2859 (Marie Piraud et al.)

Matter Wave Transport and Anderson Localization in Anisotropic 3D

Marie Piraud, Luca Pezzé, Laurent Sanchez-Palencia

1209.2446 (Yariv Yanay et al.)

Superfluid Density of Weakly Interacting Bosons on a Lattice    [PDF]

Yariv Yanay, Erich J Mueller

1209.2447 (M. T. Reeves et al.)

Classical and quantum regimes of two-dimensional turbulence in trapped
Bose-Einstein condensates

M. T. Reeves, B. P. Anderson, A. S. Bradley

1209.2533 (David Jacob et al.)

Phase diagram of spin 1 antiferromagnetic Bose-Einstein condensates    [PDF]

David Jacob, Lingxuan Shao, Vincent Corre, Tilman Zibold, Luigi De Sarlo, Emmanuel Mimoun, Jean Dalibard, Fabrice Gerbier

1209.2603 (R. W. Pattinson et al.)

Equilibrium density structures in trapped immiscible two-species
Bose-Einstein condensates

R. W. Pattinson, T. P. Billam, S. A. Gardiner, D. J. McCarron, H. W. Cho, S. L. Cornish, N. G. Parker, N. P. Proukakis

1209.2671 (S. G. Bhongale et al.)

Unconventional Spin Density Waves in Dipolar Fermi Gases    [PDF]

S. G. Bhongale, L. Mathey, Shan-Wen Tsai, Charles W. Clark, Erhai Zhao