Friday, December 21, 2012

1212.4839 (Norman Y. Yao et al.)

Realizing Fractional Chern Insulators with Dipolar Spins    [PDF]

Norman Y. Yao, Alexey V. Gorshkov, Chris R. Laumann, Andreas M. Läuchli, Jun Ye, Mikhail D. Lukin

1212.5004 (Luis E. Young-S. et al.)

A dipolar droplet bound in a trapped Bose-Einstein condensate    [PDF]

Luis E. Young-S., S. K. Adhikari

1212.5093 (N. Goldman et al.)

Direct imaging of topological edges states with cold atoms    [PDF]

N. Goldman, J. Dalibard, A. Dauphin, F. Gerbier, M. Lewenstein, P. Zoller, I. B. Spielman

1212.5134 (Yanko Todorov et al.)

Polaritonic spectroscopy of intersubband transitions    [PDF]

Yanko Todorov, Lorenzo Tosetto, Aymeric Delteil, Angela Vasanelli, Aaron Maxwel Andrews, Gottfired Strasser, Carlo Sirtori

1212.5140 (Yanko Todorov et al.)

Intersubband Polaritons in the Electrical Dipole Gauge    [PDF]

Yanko Todorov, Carlo Sirtori

1212.5152 (Massimo Mannarelli et al.)

Phonon contribution to the shear viscosity of a superfluid Fermi gas in
the unitarity limit

Massimo Mannarelli, Cristina Manuel, Laura Tolos

1212.5191 (Vipin Kerala Varma et al.)

Spin wave theory for interacting hardcore bosons on cubic lattices: a
comparative study

Vipin Kerala Varma, Hartmut Monien

1212.5219 (Kelly R. Patton et al.)

Transfer and storage of qubits in the presence of decoherence    [PDF]

Kelly R. Patton, Uwe R. Fischer