Tuesday, October 23, 2012

1108.0628 (Yen Lee Loh)

Cooling by corralling: a route to ultra-low entropies in optical

Yen Lee Loh

1210.5518 (Salvatore R. Manmana et al.)

Topological phases in polar-molecule quantum magnets    [PDF]

Salvatore R. Manmana, E. M. Stoudenmire, Kaden R. A. Hazzard, Ana Maria Rey, Alexey V. Gorshkov

1210.5657 (R. K. Shrestha et al.)

The Off-Resonant Ratchet: A Study of the Crossover Between Classical and
Quantum Dynamics

R. K. Shrestha, W. K. Lam, J. Ni, G. S. Summy

1210.5745 (Kalani Hettiarachchilage et al.)

Phase diagram of the Bose-Hubbard model on a ring-shaped lattice with
tunable weak links

Kalani Hettiarachchilage, Valéry G. Rousseau, Ka-Ming Tam, Mark Jarrell, Juana Moreno

1210.5794 (M. D. Fraser et al.)

Vortex-antivortex pair dynamics in an exciton-polariton condensate    [PDF]

M. D. Fraser, G. Roumpos, Y. Yamamoto

1210.5853 (Qi Zhou et al.)

The Fate of Bose-Einstein Condensate in the Presence of Spin-Orbit

Qi Zhou, Xiaoling Cui