Monday, February 25, 2013

1302.5465 (Lu Zhou et al.)

Anderson Localization of cold atomic gases with effective spin-orbit
interaction in a quasiperiodic optical lattice

Lu Zhou, Han Pu, Weiping Zhang

1302.5504 (Cong Zhang et al.)

Skyrmion crystals in the pseudo-spin-1/2 Bose-Einstein condensates    [PDF]

Cong Zhang, Wenan Guo, Shiping Feng, Shi-Jie Yang

1302.5524 (Ahad K. Ardabili et al.)

Topological insulator of ultra cold atoms in bichromatic optical

Ahad K. Ardabili, Tekin Dereli, Özgür E. Müstecapl\ioğlu

1302.5582 (Ashley Milsted et al.)

Matrix product states and variational methods applied to critical
quantum field theory

Ashley Milsted, Jutho Haegeman, Tobias J. Osborne

1302.5615 (Robin Gutöhrlein et al.)

Bifurcations and exceptional points in dipolar Bose-Einstein condensates    [PDF]

Robin Gutöhrlein, Jörg Main, Holger Cartarius, Günter Wunner

1302.5617 (Eric Braaten et al.)

Universal Relation for the Inelastic Two-Body Loss Rate    [PDF]

Eric Braaten, H. -W. Hammer

1302.5632 (P. Giannakeas et al.)

Dipolar confinement-induced resonances of ultracold gases in waveguides    [PDF]

P. Giannakeas, V. S. Melezhik, P. Schmelcher

1302.5693 (Soheil Baharian et al.)

Correlations in lowest Landau level vortex states    [PDF]

Soheil Baharian, Gordon Baym