Tuesday, June 5, 2012

1012.2329 (Mark DelloStritto et al.)

Tan's universal contact and collective oscillations of strongly
interacting Fermi gases

Mark DelloStritto, Theja N. De Silva

1110.4552 (Jee Woo Park et al.)

Quantum degenerate Bose-Fermi mixture of chemically different atomic
species with widely tunable interactions

Jee Woo Park, Cheng-Hsun Wu, Ibon Santiago, Tobias G. Tiecke, Peyman Ahmadi, Martin W. Zwierlein

1112.6392 (O. N. Osychenko et al.)

Zero-temperature phase diagram of Yukawa bosons    [PDF]

O. N. Osychenko, G. E. Astrakharchik, F. Mazzanti, J. Boronat

1206.0018 (Brandon M. Anderson et al.)

Three-Dimensional Spin-Orbit Coupling in a Trap    [PDF]

Brandon M. Anderson, Charles W. Clark

1206.0059 (Andrei Kryjevski)

$η/s$ of the Normal Phase of Unitary Fermi Gas from $\varepsilon$

Andrei Kryjevski

1206.0117 (V. V. Flambaum et al.)

Nonlinear Dynamics of Ultra-Cold Gas: Collapse of Bose Gas With
Attractive Interaction

V. V. Flambaum, E. Kuznetsov

1206.0121 (Gabriel Dufour et al.)

Anderson localization of pairs in bichromatic optical lattices    [PDF]

Gabriel Dufour, Giuliano Orso

1206.0145 (A. J. Allen et al.)

A Dynamical Self-Consistent Finite Temperature Kinetic Theory: The ZNG

A. J. Allen, C. F. Barenghi, N. P. Proukakis, E. Zaremba

1206.0191 (Theja N. De Silva)

Phase diagram of two component dipolar fermions in one-dimensional
optical lattices

Theja N. De Silva

1206.0194 (O. L. Berman et al.)

Turbulence in a Bose-Einstein Condensate of Dipolar Excitons in Coupled
Quantum Wells

O. L. Berman, R. Ya. Kezerashvili, G. V. Kolmakov, Yu. E. Lozovik

1206.0222 (M. Pino et al.)

Re-entrance and entanglement in the one-dimensional Bose-Hubbard model    [PDF]

M. Pino, J. Prior, A. M. Somoza, D. Jaksch, S. R. Clark

1206.0237 (Erik M. Weiler et al.)

Thermodynamic Properties of Universal Fermi Gases    [PDF]

Erik M. Weiler, Theja N. De Silva

1206.0242 (Arne Härter et al.)

A single ion as a three-body reaction center in an ultracold atomic gas    [PDF]

Arne Härter, Artjom Krükow, Andreas Brunner, Wolfgang Schnitzler, Stefan Schmid, Johannes Hecker Denschlag

1206.0310 (L. Morales-Molina et al.)

Current and entanglement in a Bose-Hubbard lattice    [PDF]

L. Morales-Molina, S. A. Reyes, M. Orszag

1206.0568 (F. Ancilotto et al.)

Shock waves in strongly interacting Fermi gas from time-dependent
density functional calculations

F. Ancilotto, L. Salasnich, F. Toigo