Thursday, April 5, 2012

1107.2613 (Jeroen P. A. Devreese et al.)

Controlling the pair momentum of the FFLO state in a 3D Fermi gas
through a 1D periodic potential

Jeroen P. A. Devreese, Michiel Wouters, Jacques Tempere

1109.5703 (Arya Dhar et al.)

Bose Hubbard Model in a Strong Effective Magnetic Field: Emergence of a
Chiral Mott Insulator Ground State

Arya Dhar, Maheswar Maji, Tapan Mishra, R. V. Pai, Subroto Mukerjee, Arun Paramekanti

1111.1565 (N. T. Zinner)

Universal Two-Body Spectra of Ultracold Harmonically Trapped Atoms in
Two and Three Dimensions

N. T. Zinner

1112.5768 (Naoyuki Sakumichi et al.)

Criteria of off-diagonal long-range order in Bose and Fermi systems
based on the Lee-Yang cluster expansion method

Naoyuki Sakumichi, Norio Kawakami, Masahito Ueda

1204.0903 (Igor Lesanovsky et al.)

Interacting Fibonacci anyons in a Rydberg gas    [PDF]

Igor Lesanovsky, Hosho Katsura

1204.0951 (Jianjun Zhang et al.)

Quantum entanglement and phase transition in a two-dimensional
photon-photon pair model

Jianjun Zhang, Jianhui Yuan

1204.0981 (Kosmas Kepesidis et al.)

The Bose-Hubbard model with localized particle losses    [PDF]

Kosmas Kepesidis, Michael J. Hartmann