Thursday, July 11, 2013

1307.2636 (O. A. Rodríguez et al.)

BEC and dimensional crossover in a boson gas within multi-slabs    [PDF]

O. A. Rodríguez, M. A. Solís

1307.2649 (P. Salas et al.)

Trapping effect of periodic structures on the thermodynamic properties
of Fermi and Bose gases

P. Salas, M. A. Solís

1307.2654 (S. G. Porsev et al.)

Long range interactions of ytterbium in mixed quantum gases    [PDF]

S. G. Porsev, M. S. Safronova, A. Derevianko, Charles W. Clark

1307.2655 (R. Mendoza et al.)

Collective excitations of an imbalanced fermion gas in a 1D optical

R. Mendoza, Mauricio Fortes, M. A. Solís

1307.2656 (S. G. Porsev et al.)

Long range interaction coefficients for ytterbium dimers    [PDF]

S. G. Porsev, M. S. Safronova, A. Derevianko, Charles W. Clark

1307.2699 (Wolfgang Lechner et al.)

From Classical to Quantum Glasses with Ultracold Polar Molecules    [PDF]

Wolfgang Lechner, Peter Zoller

1307.2746 (Ryo Hanai et al.)

Strong-Coupling Effects and Single-Particle Properties in an Ultracold
Fermi Gas with Mass Imbalance

Ryo Hanai, Yoji Ohashi

1307.2788 (J. Pickton et al.)

On the integrability of PT-symmetric dimers    [PDF]

J. Pickton, H. Susanto

1307.2843 (P. -É. Larré et al.)

Hawking radiation in a two-component Bose-Einstein condensate    [PDF]

P. -É. Larré, N. Pavloff

1307.2854 (P. K. Sørensen et al.)

Three-body recombination at finite energy within an optical model    [PDF]

P. K. Sørensen, D. V. Fedorov, A. S. Jensen, N. T. Zinner