Thursday, July 11, 2013

1307.2746 (Ryo Hanai et al.)

Strong-Coupling Effects and Single-Particle Properties in an Ultracold
Fermi Gas with Mass Imbalance

Ryo Hanai, Yoji Ohashi
We investigate single-particle properties of a strongly interacting ultracold Fermi gas with mass imbalance. Using an extended $T$-matrix theory, we calculate the density of states, as well as the single-particle spectral weight, in the unitarity limit above the superfluid phase transition temperature $T_{\rm c}$. We show that the momentum regions where pairing fluctuations strongly affect single-particle excitations are different between light fermions and heavy fermions, reflecting the difference of the Pauli blocking effects between them. In addition, we obtain different pseudogap phenomena associated with pairing fluctuations in between the two components. Since the realization of a mass-imbalanced superfluid Fermi gas is an important challenge in this field, our results would contribute to the understanding of physical properties of the hetero-pairing state.
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