Tuesday, February 19, 2013

1302.4109 (Simone A. Hamerla et al.)

Dynamical Transition in Interaction Quenches of the One-Dimensional
Hubbard Model

Simone A. Hamerla, Götz S. Uhrig

1302.4158 (Gautam Rupak et al.)

Radiative capture reactions in lattice effective field theory    [PDF]

Gautam Rupak, Dean Lee

1302.4262 (Lucas Béguin et al.)

Direct measurement of the van der Waals interaction between two single

Lucas Béguin, Aline Vernier, Radu Chicireanu, Thierry Lahaye, Antoine Browaeys

1302.4264 (Roberto Anglani et al.)

Crystalline color superconductors: A review    [PDF]

Roberto Anglani, Roberto Casalbuoni, Marco Ciminale, Raoul Gatto, Nicola Ippolito, Massimo Mannarelli, Marco Ruggieri

1302.4301 (J. Rotureau)

Effective interaction for the trapped fermi gas with a unitary
transformation of the exact two-body spectrum

J. Rotureau

1302.4323 (Jannes Heinze et al.)

Engineering spin-waves in a high-spin ultracold Fermi gas    [PDF]

Jannes Heinze, Jasper Simon Krauser, Nick Fläschner, Klaus Sengstock, Christoph Becker, Ulrich Ebling, Andre Eckardt, Maciej Lewenstein

1302.4341 (Takeshi Mizushima et al.)

Topological phases of quasi-one-dimensional fermionic atoms with a
synthetic gauge field

Takeshi Mizushima, Masatoshi Sato