Thursday, March 29, 2012

1201.2238 (Ming Gong et al.)

Searching for Majorana Fermions in 2D Spin-orbit Coupled Fermi
Superfluids at Finite Temperature

Ming Gong, Gang Chen, Suotang Jia, Chuanwei Zhang

1203.6065 (M. Kanasz-Nagy et al.)

Global superfluid phase diagram of three component fermions with
magnetic ordering

M. Kanasz-Nagy, G. Zarand

1203.6211 (Hongmei Wang et al.)

Density-functional theory for 1D harmonically trapped Bose-Fermi mixture    [PDF]

Hongmei Wang, Yajiang Hao, Yunbo Zhang

1203.6291 (A. Deltuva)

Universal bosonic tetramers of dimer-atom-atom structure    [PDF]

A. Deltuva

1203.6292 (C. Schenke et al.)

Probing superfluidity of a mesoscopic Tonks-Girardeau gas    [PDF]

C. Schenke, A. Minguzzi, F. W. J. Hekking

1203.6348 (Kelly R. Patton et al.)

Induced superfluidity of imbalanced Fermi gases near unitarity    [PDF]

Kelly R. Patton, Daniel E. Sheehy