Thursday, June 6, 2013

1306.0960 (J. Jiang et al.)

A simple and efficient all-optical production of spinor condensates    [PDF]

J. Jiang, L. Zhao, M. Webb, N. Jiang, H. Yang, Y. Liu

1306.0961 (Godfrey E. Akpojotor)

Ultracold atoms in superlattices as quantum simulators for a spin
ordering model and phenomena

Godfrey E. Akpojotor

1306.1011 (Yujiro Eto et al.)

Spin-Echo-Based Magnetometry with Spinor Bose-Einstein Condensates    [PDF]

Yujiro Eto, Hayato Ikeda, Hirosuke Suzuki, Sho Hasegawa, Yasushi Tomiyama, Sawako Sekine, Mark Sadgrove, Takuya Hirano

1306.1082 (Poul L. Pedersen et al.)

Production and manipulation of wave packets from ultracold atoms in an
optical lattice

Poul L. Pedersen, Miroslav Gajdacz, Nils Winter, Andrew J. Hilliard, Jacob F. Sherson, Jan Arlt

1306.1104 (J. J. R. M. van Heugten et al.)

Crossover from weak to unitarity-limited interactions in Bose gases    [PDF]

J. J. R. M. van Heugten, H. T. C. Stoof

1306.1165 (Ali Ashrafi et al.)

Theory of a chiral Fermi liquid: general formalism    [PDF]

Ali Ashrafi, Emmanuel I. Rashba, Dmitrii L. Maslov

1306.1171 (Bernhard M. Breid et al.)

Post-adiabatic Hamiltonian for low-energy excitations in a slowly
time-dependent BCS-BEC crossover

Bernhard M. Breid, James R. Anglin

1306.1190 (Dario Hügel et al.)

Chiral Ladders and the Edges of Chern Insulators    [PDF]

Dario Hügel, Belén Paredes