Thursday, June 6, 2013

1306.1104 (J. J. R. M. van Heugten et al.)

Crossover from weak to unitarity-limited interactions in Bose gases    [PDF]

J. J. R. M. van Heugten, H. T. C. Stoof
We develop an analytical approach for the description of the crossover of an atomic Bose gas from small to infinitely large scattering length where the two-body interactions satisfy the unitarity bound. We obtain several properties of the Bose gas as a function of interaction strength, namely the chemical potential, the contact, the speed of sound, the condensate density, the effective interatomic interaction and the three-body recombination rate. Also, the energy dependence of the effective interaction at unitarity and the evolution of the Feshbach bound state are discussed. It is shown how the approach can be systematically improved with renormalization-group methods and how it reduces to the Bogoliubov theory in the weak-coupling limit.
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