Wednesday, June 6, 2012

1008.3557 (Su-Yang Xu et al.)

Observation of Topological Order in the TlBiSe2 class : Probing the
"spin" and "phase" on topological insulator surfaces

Su-Yang Xu, L. A. Wray, Y. Xia, R. Shankar, S. Jia, A. Fedorov, J. H. Dil, F. Meier, B. Slomski, J. Osterwalder, R. J. Cava, M. Z. Hasan

1010.3093 (Marco Larcher et al.)

Localization in momentum space of ultracold atoms in incommensurate

Marco Larcher, Michele Modugno, Franco Dalfovo

1206.0781 (Lode Pollet)

Recent developments in Quantum Monte-Carlo simulations with applications
for cold gases

Lode Pollet

1206.0845 (Guillaume Labeyrie et al.)

Coherent backscattering of a dilute Bose-Einstein condensate    [PDF]

Guillaume Labeyrie, Tomasz Karpiuk, Benoît Grémaud, Christian Miniatura, Dominique Delande

1206.0920 (M. Kreibich et al.)

A nonlinear dynamics approach to Bogoliubov excitations of Bose-Einstein

M. Kreibich, H. Cartarius, J. Main, G. Wunner

1206.0957 (T. J. Volkoff et al.)

Quantum dynamics of local phase differences between reservoirs of driven
interacting bosons separated by simple aperture arrays

T. J. Volkoff, K. Birgitta Whaley