Monday, April 1, 2013

1303.7241 (A. V. Yulin et al.)

Superfluidity breakdown of periodic matter waves in quasi
one-dimensional annular traps via resonant scattering with moving defects

A. V. Yulin, Yu. V. Bludov, V. V. Konotop, V. Kuzmiak, M. Salerno

1303.7249 (Olivier Sigwarth et al.)

Multiple scattering of light in cold atomic clouds with a magnetic field    [PDF]

Olivier Sigwarth, Guillaume Labeyrie, Dominique Delande, Christian Miniatura

1303.7272 (Tigran A. Sedrakyan et al.)

Absence of Bose condensation in certain frustrated lattices    [PDF]

Tigran A. Sedrakyan, Leonid I. Glazman, Alex Kamenev

1303.7351 (N. T. Zinner et al.)

Comparing and contrasting nuclei and cold atomic gases    [PDF]

N. T. Zinner, A. S. Jensen

1303.7359 (Tobias Grießer et al.)

Light induced crystallization of cold atoms in a thin 1D optical tube    [PDF]

Tobias Grießer, Helmut Ritsch

1303.7362 (P. A. Andreev et al.)

Exact analytical soliton solutions in dipolar BEC    [PDF]

P. A. Andreev, L. S. Kuz'menkov