Wednesday, August 8, 2012

1208.1300 (Zhaochuan Shen et al.)

Reentrant BCS-BEC crossover and a superfluid-insulator transition in
optical lattices

Zhaochuan Shen, L. Radzihovsky, V. Gurarie

1208.1313 (Lyndon Koens et al.)

Vibrations of a Columnar Vortex in a Trapped Bose-Einstein Condensate    [PDF]

Lyndon Koens, Tapio P. Simula, Andrew M. Martin

1208.1332 (Yin Zhong et al.)

Half-filled Kondo lattice on the honeycomb lattice    [PDF]

Yin Zhong, Ke Liu, Yu-Feng Wang, Yong-Qiang Wang, Hong-Gang Luo

1208.1455 (Jibiao Wang et al.)

Phase diagrams of Fermi gases in a trap with mass and population
imbalances at finite temperature

Jibiao Wang, Hao Guo, Qijin Chen

1208.1456 (M. S. Safronova et al.)

Ytterbium in quantum gases and atomic clocks: van der Waals interactions
and blackbody shifts

M. S. Safronova, S. G. Porsev, Charles W. Clark

1208.1489 (Emil Lundh)

Vortex dynamics and skyrmions in four to six dimensions: Coherence
vortices in Bose-Einstein condensates

Emil Lundh

1208.1498 (Yongyao Li et al.)

Nonlinear modes and symmetry breaking in rotating double-well potentials    [PDF]

Yongyao Li, Wei Pang, Boris A. Malomed