Friday, September 21, 2012

1209.4363 (T. M. Hoang et al.)

Dynamic stabilization of a quantum many-body system    [PDF]

T. M. Hoang, C. S. Gerving, B. J. Land, M. Anquez, C. D. Hamley, M. S. Chapman

1209.4402 (S. C. Cormack et al.)

Finite Temperature Dipolar ultra-cold Bose gas with Exchange

S. C. Cormack, D. A. W. Hutchinson

1209.4426 (Christine Khripkov et al.)

Coherence dynamics of kicked Bose-Hubbard dimers: Interferometric
signatures of chaos

Christine Khripkov, Doron Cohen, Amichay Vardi

1209.4498 (Christine Khripkov et al.)

Suppressing matter-wave squeezing by periodic, erratic, or noisy driving    [PDF]

Christine Khripkov, Amichay Vardi, Doron Cohen

1209.4550 (Benoît Vermersch et al.)

Decoherence effects in the dynamics of interacting ultracold bosons in
disordered lattices

Benoît Vermersch, Jean-Claude Garreau

1209.4573 (Bryan Nelsen et al.)

Coherent Flow and Trapping of Polariton Condensates with Long Lifetime    [PDF]

Bryan Nelsen, Gangqiang Liu, Mark Steger, David W. Snoke, Ryan Balili, Ken West, Loren Pfeiffer