Tuesday, November 20, 2012

1211.4035 (Mikhail Lemeshko et al.)

Dissipative binding of atoms by non-conservative forces    [PDF]

Mikhail Lemeshko, Hendrik Weimer

1211.4087 (Jean-Sebastien Bernier et al.)

Emergence of long distance pair coherence through incoherent local
environmental coupling

Jean-Sebastien Bernier, Peter Barmettler, Dario Poletti, Corinna Kollath

1211.4110 (Austen Lamacraft)

Diffractive scattering of three particles in one dimension: a simple
result for weak violations of the Yang--Baxter equation

Austen Lamacraft

1211.4119 (A. A. Kozhevnikov)

Bose gas in power-like spherically symmetric potential in arbitrary
spatial dimensionality

A. A. Kozhevnikov

1211.4121 (Y. Azizi)

Lower bound for ground state energy of BEC in a rotating optical lattice    [PDF]

Y. Azizi

1211.4126 (Yuzhi Liu et al.)

Local gauge symmetry on optical lattices?    [PDF]

Yuzhi Liu, Yannick Meurice, Shan-Wen Tsai

1211.4302 (A. A. Gangat et al.)

Multipartite entangled microwave and micromechanical squeezed
Schrödinger cats: a phase transition-based protocol

A. A. Gangat, I. P. McCulloch, G. J. Milburn

1211.4350 (Akos Rapp)

Mean-field dynamics to negative absolute temperatures in the
Bose-Hubbard model

Akos Rapp

1211.4537 (B. Olmos et al.)

Long-range interacting many-body systems with alkaline-earth-metal atoms    [PDF]

B. Olmos, D. Yu, Y. Singh, F. Schreck, K. Bongs, I. Lesanovsky

1211.4556 (Haibin Wu et al.)

Optical Control of the Scattering Length and Effective Range for
Magnetically Tunable Feshbach Resonances in Ultracold Gases

Haibin Wu, J. E. Thomas