Thursday, April 12, 2012

1110.2468 (T. Duguet et al.)

Ab-initio approach to effective single-particle energies in doubly
closed shell nuclei

T. Duguet, G. Hagen

1110.6415 (V. Ngampruetikorn et al.)

Repulsive polarons in two-dimensional Fermi gases    [PDF]

V. Ngampruetikorn, J. Levinsen, Meera M. Parish

1111.5686 (A. D. Martin et al.)

Quantum dynamics of atomic bright solitons under splitting and
re-collision, and implications for interferometry

A. D. Martin, J. Ruostekoski

1112.5616 (H. M. Price et al.)

Mapping the Berry Curvature from Semiclassical Dynamics in Optical

H. M. Price, N. R. Cooper

1204.2271 (M. Aparicio Alcalde et al.)

Thermal phase transitions for Dicke-type models in the ultra-strong
coupling limit

M. Aparicio Alcalde, M. Bucher, C. Emary, T. Brandes

1204.2339 (Kouki Nakata)

A short note on spin pumping theory with Landau-Lifshitz-Gilbert
equation under quantum fluctuation; necessity for quantization of localized

Kouki Nakata

1204.2372 (Patrick Bruno)

Geometric phase of spin systems in Majorana's stellar representation: a
fictitious many-body Aharonov-Bohm effect

Patrick Bruno

1204.2487 (Jan Schole et al.)

Critical Dynamics of a Two-dimensional Superfluid near a Non-Thermal
Fixed Point

Jan Schole, Boris Nowak, Thomas Gasenzer