Tuesday, December 18, 2012

1111.0900 (Aristeu R. P. Lima et al.)

Beyond Mean-Field Low-Lying Excitations of Dipolar Bose Gases    [PDF]

Aristeu R. P. Lima, Axel Pelster

1212.3680 (M. Correggi et al.)

Vortex Phases of Rotating Superfluids    [PDF]

M. Correggi, F. Pinsker, N. Rougerie, J. Yngvason

1212.3734 (M. Dalmonte et al.)

Magnetic properties of commensurate Bose-Bose mixtures in
one-dimensional optical lattices

M. Dalmonte, E. Ercolessi, M. Mattioli, F. Ortolani, D. Vodola

1212.3759 (Snir Gazit et al.)

Fate of the Higgs mode near quantum criticality    [PDF]

Snir Gazit, Daniel Podolsky, Assa Auerbach

1212.3762 (Beibing Huang et al.)

Excitation Spectrum and Momentum Distribution of Bose-Hubbard Model with
On-site Two- and Three-body Interaction

Beibing Huang, Shaolong Wan

1212.3763 (S. Krämer et al.)

Spatially Resolved Magnetization in Bose-Einstein Condensed BaCuSi2O6:
Evidence for Imperfect Frustration

S. Krämer, N. Laflorencie, R. Stern, M. Horvatić, C. Berthier, H. Nakamura, T. Kimura, F. Mila

1212.3794 (A. Blumkin et al.)

Observing bunching in reciprocal space    [PDF]

A. Blumkin, S. Rinott, R. Schley, A. Berkovitz, I. Shammass, J. Steinhauer

1212.3831 (Y. Zhou et al.)

Comment on "Magnetotransport through graphene spin valves" and its
following works

Y. Zhou, M. W. Wu

1212.3927 (Ludovic Pricoupenko)

Many bosons in a narrow resonance: the $R^\star$-phase issue    [PDF]

Ludovic Pricoupenko

1212.4006 (Manuel Kreibich et al.)

A variational approach to Bogoliubov excitations and dynamics of dipolar
Bose-Einstein condensates

Manuel Kreibich, Jörg Main, Günter Wunner

1212.4051 (O. V. Marchukov et al.)

Spectral Gaps of Spin-orbit Coupled Particles in Deformed Traps    [PDF]

O. V. Marchukov, A. G. Volosniev, D. V. Fedorov, A. S. Jensen, N. T. Zinner

1212.4108 (Igor Gotlibovych et al.)

A compact single-chamber apparatus for Bose-Einstein condensation of

Igor Gotlibovych, Tobias F. Schmidutz, Stuart Moulder, Robert L. D. Campbell, Naaman Tammuz, Richard J. Fletcher, Alexander L. Gaunt, Scott Beattie, Robert P. Smith, Zoran Hadzibabic