Friday, July 13, 2012

1201.2740 (Kai He et al.)

Noise Correlation Scalings: Revisiting the Quantum Phase Transition in
Incommensurate Lattices with Hard-Core Bosons

Kai He, Indubala I. Satija, Charles W. Clark, Ana Maria Rey, Marcos Rigol

1207.2810 (Lianyi He et al.)

Superfluidity and collective modes in Rashba spin-orbit coupled Fermi

Lianyi He, Xu-Guang Huang

1207.2821 (T. P. Billam et al.)

Non-equilibrium dynamics of a driven Bose-Einstein condensate at finite

T. P. Billam, P. Mason, S. A. Gardiner

1207.2855 (Thibaut Jacqmin et al.)

Momentum distribution of 1D Bose gases at the quasi-condensation
crossover: theoretical and experimental investigation

Thibaut Jacqmin, Bess Fang, Tarik Berrada, Tommaso Roscilde, Isabelle Bouchoule

1207.2856 (Renyuan Liao et al.)

Medium effects close to s- and p-wave Feshbach resonances in atomic
Fermi gases

Renyuan Liao, Khandker F. Quader

1207.2880 (K. B. Arnardottir et al.)

Hall effect for indirect excitons in a non-homogeneous magnetic field    [PDF]

K. B. Arnardottir, O. Kyriienko, I. A. Shelykh

1207.2905 (Lei Tan et al.)

Bose-Einstein Condensates in a Cavity-mediated Triple-well    [PDF]

Lei Tan, Bin Wang, Peter Barker, Wu-Ming Liu

1207.2911 (Andreas Wagner et al.)

Mean-Field Analysis of Spinor Bosons in Optical Superlattices    [PDF]

Andreas Wagner, Andreas Nunnenkamp, Christoph Bruder

1207.3002 (Philipp Lange et al.)

Damping of phase fluctuations in superfluid Bose gases    [PDF]

Philipp Lange, Peter Kopietz, Andreas Kreisel