Tuesday, March 26, 2013

1106.2174 (E. B. Magnusson et al.)

Bistability phenomena in one-dimensional polariton wires    [PDF]

E. B. Magnusson, I. G. Savenko, I. A. Shelykh

1303.5772 (Jan Klaers et al.)

Bose-Einstein Condensation of Photons in a Microscopic Optical
Resonator: Towards Photonic Lattices and Coupled Cavities

Jan Klaers, Julian Schmitt, Tobias Damm, David Dung, Frank Vewinger, Martin Weitz

1303.5883 (M. T. Yamashita et al.)

Single-Particle Momentum Distributions of Efimov States in Mixed-Species

M. T. Yamashita, F. F. Bellotti, T. Frederico, D. V. Fedorov, A. S. Jensen, N. T. Zinner

1303.5922 (Zohar Nussinov et al.)

Compass and Kitaev models -- Theory and Physical Motivations    [PDF]

Zohar Nussinov, Jeroen van den Brink

1303.5939 (Maxim A. Efremov et al.)

Three-body bound states in atomic mixture with resonant p-wave

Maxim A. Efremov, Lev Plimak, Misha Yu. Ivanov, Wolfgang P. Schleich

1303.5968 (A. V. Prokhorov et al.)

Noise-induced topological transformations of vortex solitons in optical
fibers filled with a cold atomic gas

A. V. Prokhorov, M. G. Gladush, M. Yu. Gubin, A. Yu. Leksin, S. M. Arakelian

1303.6004 (Xiaoling Cui et al.)

Synthetic Gauge Field with Highly Magnetic Lanthanide Atoms    [PDF]

Xiaoling Cui, Biao Lian, Tin-Lun Ho, Benjamin L. Lev, Hui Zhai

1303.6048 (Minoru Eto et al.)

Vortex graphs as N-omers and CP(N-1) Skyrmions in N-component
Bose-Einstein condensates

Minoru Eto, Muneto Nitta

1303.6195 (N. G Berloff et al.)

Universality in modelling non-equilibrium pattern formation in polariton

N. G Berloff, J. Keeling

1303.6208 (Carlos Sabín et al.)

Dynamical phase quantum thermometer for an ultracold Bose-Einstein

Carlos Sabín, Angela White, Lucia Hackermuller, Ivette Fuentes

1303.6243 (A. Gezerlis et al.)

Quantum Monte Carlo Calculations with Chiral Effective Field Theory

A. Gezerlis, I. Tews, E. Epelbaum, S. Gandolfi, K. Hebeler, A. Nogga, A. Schwenk

1303.6245 (K. Van Houcke et al.)

Contact and Momentum Distribution of the Unitary Fermi Gas by Bold
Diagrammatic Monte Carlo

K. Van Houcke, F. Werner, E. Kozik, N. Prokof'ev, B. Svistunov