Tuesday, October 9, 2012

1207.2664 (A. Mezzacapo et al.)

Digital Quantum Simulation of the Holstein Model in Trapped Ions    [PDF]

A. Mezzacapo, J. Casanova, L. Lamata, E. Solano

1210.1859 (Xiaopeng Li et al.)

Orbital phases of fermions in an asymmetric optical ladder    [PDF]

Xiaopeng Li, W. Vincent Liu

1210.1949 (Gergely Szirmai)

Critical velocity of antiferromagnetic spin-1 Bose-Einstein condensates
at finite temperature

Gergely Szirmai

1210.1997 (S. V. Syzranov et al.)

Fermionic and bosonic ac conductivities at strong disorder    [PDF]

S. V. Syzranov, O. M. Yevtushenko, K. B. Efetov

1210.2006 (S. E. Gharashi et al.)

Three s-wave interacting fermions under anisotropic harmonic
confinement: Dimensional crossover of energetics and virial coefficients

S. E. Gharashi, K. M. Daily, D. Blume

1210.2072 (H. Nonne et al.)

Symmetry-protected topological phases of alkaline-earth cold fermionic
atoms in one dimension

H. Nonne, M. Moliner, S. Capponi, P. Lecheminant, K. Totsuka

1210.2114 (L. H. Haddad et al.)

The nonlinear Dirac equation: Relativistic vortices and experimental
realization in Bose-Einstein condensates

L. H. Haddad, K. M. O'Hara, Lincoln D. Carr

1210.2158 (Shi-Guo Peng et al.)

Two-channel model description of confinement-induced Feshbach molecules    [PDF]

Shi-Guo Peng, Hui Hu, Xia-Ji Liu, Kaijun Jiang

1210.2160 (Shi-Guo Peng et al.)

Momentum-resolved radio-frequency spectroscopy of a spin-orbit coupled
atomic Fermi gas near a Feshbach resonance in harmonic traps

Shi-Guo Peng, Xia-Ji Liu, Hui Hu, Kaijun Jiang

1210.2176 (Xia-Ji Liu)

Virial expansion for a strongly correlated Fermi system and its
application to ultracold atomic Fermi gases

Xia-Ji Liu

1210.2205 (Arghya Dutta et al.)

Proposed evidence for superconductors with a Lifshitz tri-critical point
and a spatially modulated Fulde-Ferrell-Larkin-Ovchinnikov-type order

Arghya Dutta, Jayanata K. Bhattacharjee

1210.2317 (L. Austen et al.)

Many-body dynamics of p-wave Feshbach molecule production: a mean-field

L. Austen, L. Cook, M. D. Lee, J. Mur-Petit

1210.2322 (Takashi Kimura)

Strong-coupling expansion for the spin-1 Bose-Hubbard model    [PDF]

Takashi Kimura