Monday, April 1, 2013

1303.7359 (Tobias Grießer et al.)

Light induced crystallization of cold atoms in a thin 1D optical tube    [PDF]

Tobias Grießer, Helmut Ritsch
Collective off resonant scattering of coherent light by a cold gas induces long-range interactions via interference of light scattered by different particles. In a 1D configuration these interactions grow particularly strong for particles trapped along an optical nanofiber. We show that there exists a threshold pump laser intensity, above which the gas can be found in a crystalline, selfsustained order. In the nonabsorbing regime we determine the critical condition for the onset of order as well as the forms of particle density and scattered field patterns along the fiber above threshold. Surprisingly, there can coexist multiple stationary solutions with distinct density and field profiles.
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