Friday, March 29, 2013

1303.7045 (Sudip Kumar Haldar et al.)

Correlated many-body calculation to study characteristics of Shannon
information entropy for ultracold trapped interacting bosons

Sudip Kumar Haldar, Barnali Chakrabarti, Tapan Kumar Das, Anindya Biswas
We present a correlated many-body calculation to characterise Shannon information entropy of trapped interacting bososns. We reformulate the one-body Shannon information entropy in terms of one-body probability density. We approach the minimum limit of the entropy uncertainty relation (EUR) making $N$ very small in our numerical work. We examine the strong correlation effect in the calculation of information entropy. Comparison with the mean-field result shows that the correlated basis function is indeed required to characterise the realistic features of information entropies. We also accurately calculate the point of critical instability of attractive BEC which is in close agreement with experimental value. Next we calculate two-body entropies in position and momentum spaces and introduce correaltion features to describe the strong correlation in the attractive BEC.
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