Wednesday, April 3, 2013

1304.0506 (Deepak Iyer et al.)

An exact formalism for quench dynamics    [PDF]

Deepak Iyer, Huijie Guan, Natan Andrei
We describe a formulation for studying the quench dynamics of integrable systems generalizing an approach by Yudson. We study the evolution of the Lieb-Liniger model, a gas of interacting bosons moving on the continuous infinite line and interacting via a short range potential. The formalism allows us to quench the system from any initial state. We find that for any value of repulsive coupling independently of the initial state the system asymptotes towards a strongly repulsive gas, while for any value of attractive coupling, the system forms a maximal bound state that dominates at longer times. In either case the system equilibrates but does not thermalize. We compare this to quenches in a Bose-Hubbard lattice and show that there, initial states determine long-time dynamics independent of the sign of the coupling.
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