Wednesday, April 17, 2013

1304.4338 (Wei-Wei Luo et al.)

Edge Excitations in Fractional Chern Insulators    [PDF]

Wei-Wei Luo, Wen-Chao Chen, Yi-Fei Wang, Chang-De Gong
Recent theoretical works have demonstrated the realization of fractional quantum anomalous Hall states (also called fractional Chern insulators) in topological flat band lattice models without an external magnetic field. Such newly proposed lattice systems with topological flat bands play a vital role to obtain a large class of fractional topological phases. Here we report the exact numerical studies of edge excitations for such systems in a disk geometry loaded with hard-core bosons, which will serve as a more viable experimental probe for such new fractional topological phases. We find convincing numerical evidence of a series of edge excitations characterized by the chiral Luttinger liquid theory for the bosonic fractional Chern insulators in both the honeycomb disk Haldane model and the kagom\'{e}-lattice disk model. We further verify these current-carrying chiral edge states by inserting a central flux to test their compressibility.
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