Thursday, April 18, 2013

1304.4625 (Andreas Vogler et al.)

Thermodynamics of Strongly Correlated One-Dimensional Bose Gases    [PDF]

Andreas Vogler, Ralf Labouvie, Felix Stubenrauch, Giovanni Barontini, Vera Guarrera, Herwig Ott
We investigate the thermodynamics of one-dimensional Bose gases in the strongly correlated regime. To this end, we prepare ensembles of independent 1D Bose gases in a two-dimensional optical lattice and perform high-resolution in situ imaging of the column-integrated density distribution. Using an inverse Abel transformation we derive e?ective one-dimensional line-density pro?les and compare them to exact theoretical models. The high resolution allows for a direct thermometry of the trapped ensembles. The knowledge about the temperature enables us to extract thermodynamic equations of state such as the phase-space density, the entropy per particle and the local pair correlation function.
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