Friday, April 19, 2013

1304.4980 (Marco Koschorreck et al.)

Universal spin dynamics in two-dimensional Fermi gases    [PDF]

Marco Koschorreck, Daniel Pertot, Enrico Vogt, Michael Köhl
Harnessing spins as carriers for information has emerged as an elegant extension to the transport of electrical charges. The coherence of such spin transport in spintronic circuits is determined by the lifetime of spin excitations and by spin diffusion. Fermionic quantum gases are a unique system to study the fundamentals of spin transport from first principles since interactions can be precisely tailored and the dynamics is on time scales which are directly observable. In particular at unitarity, spin transport is dictated by diffusion and is expected to reach a universal, quantum-limited diffusivity on the order of hbar/m. Here, we study the non-equilibrium dynamics of a two-dimensional Fermi gas following a quench into a metastable, transversely polarized spin state. Using the spin-echo technique, we measure the yet lowest transverse spin diffusion constant of 0.25(3) hbar/m. For weak interactions, we observe a coherent collective transverse spin-wave mode that exhibits mode softening when approaching the hydrodynamic regime.
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