Thursday, May 9, 2013

1305.1693 (Atushi Tanaka et al.)

Exotic quantum holonomy and non-Hermitian degeneracies in two-body
Lieb-Liniger model

Atushi Tanaka, Nobuhiro Yonezawa, Taksu Cheon
An interplay of an exotic quantum holonomy and exceptional points is examined in one-dimensional Bose systems. The eigenenergy anholonomy, in which Hermitian adiabatic cycle induces nontrivial change in eigenenergies, can be interpreted as a manifestation of eigenenergy's Riemann surface structure, where the branch points are identified as the exceptional points which are degeneracy points in the complexified parameter space. It is also shown that the exceptional points are the divergent points of the non-Abelian gauge connection for the gauge theoretical formulation of the eigenspace anholonomy. This helps us to evaluate anti-path-ordered exponentials of the gauge connection to obtain gauge covariant quantities.
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