Wednesday, May 22, 2013

1305.4678 (H. Terças et al.)

Polytropic equilibrium and normal modes in cold atomic traps    [PDF]

H. Terças, J. T. Mendonça
The compressibility limit of a cold gas confined in a magneto-optical trap due to multiple scattering of light is a long-standing problem. This scattering mechanism induces long-range interactions in the system, which is responsible for the occurrence of plasma-like phenomena. In the present paper, we investigate the importance of the long-range character of the mediated atom-atom interaction in the equilibrium and dynamical features of a magneto-optical trap. Making use of a hydrodynamical formulation, we derive a generalized Lane-Emden equation modeling the polytropic equilibirum of a magneto-optical trap, allowing us to describe the cross-over between the two limiting cases: temperature dominated and multiple-scattering dominated traps. The normal collective modes of the system are also computed.
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