Wednesday, May 29, 2013

1305.6478 (Elisa Fratini et al.)

Single-particle spectral functions in the normal phase of a
strongly-attractive Bose-Fermi mixture

Elisa Fratini, Pierbiagio Pieri
We calculate the single-particle spectral functions and quasi-particle dispersions for a Bose-Fermi mixture when the boson-fermion attraction is sufficiently strong to suppress completely the condensation of bosons at zero temperature. Within a T-matrix diagrammatic approach, we vary the boson-fermion attraction from the critical value where the boson condensate first disappears to the strongly attractive (molecular) regime and study the effect of both mass- and density-imbalance on the spectral weights and dispersions. An interesting spectrum of particle-hole excitations mixing two different Fermi surfaces is found. These unconventional excitations could be produced and explored experimentally with radio-frequency spectroscopy.
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